Basement Extention Central London

3 X Single Vaults/Cellars enlarged and turn it into a habitable basement in this Grade1 listed property - Regents Park, London .

Complete project management by Space Cucina including -

Planning Permission


Structural Engineer


Supplied Materials

  • When you gain space from a basement you don’t lose any external space. And a basement is much closer to the living area of your house than a loft.
  • Securing planning consent is generally easy, especially if there are already basement conversions in your street, and if you have windows or light wells outside.
  • In urban areas, a basement can add value.
  • Underpinning can actually stabilise an old building.
  • Waterproofing makes the whole house drier and healthier and increased insulation makes it more energy efficient.
  • If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, soundproofing can make the room quieter for you (and your neighbours) than the rest of the house.
  • A basement will free up space in other parts of the house, and it’s an adaptable space that can change depending on your family’s needs. Or it can be completely self-contained with its own access.